Looking for the right employee? Our Job Developers can provide you with a wide range of services to meet your recruitment and hiring needs.

Recruiting and hiring employees who are a good fit is essential to your success. Trust our Job Developers to present and match you with the candidates that you are looking for. To help you locate qualified employees, we offer the following services at no cost:

  • Access to our job-ready employee database (we have, on average, over 100 job seekers visiting our centre weekly)
  • Screening to ensure that only qualified applicants apply
  • Interview space at our office for you to meet and hire candidates
  • Assistance with identifying job requirements and essential skills
  • Posting job advertisements in our busy Resource & Information Centre
  • Organizing and hosting job fairs
  • Access to information on the local labour market and trends

No matter the request, we take a very people-centered approach to finding the right employee for the position. Contact our Job Development Team by calling 613-539-4900 or emailing