"After a series of twists and turns in my life, it was time for me to start a new career path”, said Lynn, one of ReStart’s clients who had recently found herself job searching again. “Through the grapevine I was told that the Restart program came highly recommended. As soon as I heard about the agency, I went directly to their office and made an appointment. I had the great fortune to work with my Employment Consultant, Courtney”. 

With a professional approach, Courtney provided Lynn with the tools and techniques to succeed and together they worked hard to get Lynn back to work quickly, “It amazed me how quickly she put together my resume and each week we would fine tune it a little more”, said Lynn. “She always kept an eye out for positions she thought I would be interested in and together we would work on the cover letter. She also set up a mock interview so that I could practice answering interview questions and receive feedback and support for actual job interviews.”

Something that Lynn especially appreciated about Courtney’s employment counselling approach was her incredible positivity. “Courtney always had a smile and a positive outlook as we worked together every week to meet my goals. Whether you are making a career move or just trying to find a job, it is so important to have someone support you and be your cheering squad.”

Without question, Lynn was grateful for the help she received from Courtney and from ReStart. And most importantly, she found work through the process. “The Restart program has kind, caring employees with invaluable resources to find a new job. I have been able to secure employment and want to thank everyone at Restart for all their help.”