As with many job seekers who walk through our doors, Jacob was eager to transition into a new career.

"I recently left my job for personal reasons. I came to ReStart to "restart" on a new career path." Jacob wanted to work in the skilled trades and needed a plan of action to get started.

At Restart, Jacob worked intensively with Michaela, a highly resourceful and skilled Employment Consultant. As a starting point, Jacob's resume was strategically edited. "Most of my work experience is in sales and customer service, but I wanted to obtain skills used by skilled tradespeople. Michaela took this into consideration and reconfigured my resume to specifically target a suitable job market." Furthermore, Michaela helped Jacob prepare to apply for an apprenticeship during their counselling sessions. "Michaela knew that the union of plumbers and steamfitters were having an open intake for first year apprentices, so she helped me prepare for the aptitude test and interview that was to follow."  

While Jacob is still in process of obtaining an apprenticeship, he was successful in finding a job with Michaela's assistance. He is also very motivated to add to his resume by taking a number of free online courses. Jacob's overall experience of working with ReStart left him very satisfied and complimentary of its services. "If you find yourself in a position where you're unemployed or looking to move on to bigger and better things, then I would highly recommend using ReStart as a catalyst to kick-start your new career."