Elizabeth Fry Kingston

“ReStart just gets us. I have a lot of respect for their style and philosophy. It’s always about finding us the right fit,” said Trish Crawford, Executive Director for the Elizabeth Fry Kingston.

The non-profit, volunteer-based, organization provides services to women in conflict with the law, or those facing financial and social barriers that may put them at risk of coming into conflict with the law. The organization owns and operates 16 houses in Kingston. And for the last five years, ReStart has been a part of creating a supportive environment for the women the Society serves.

“We’ve found full-time and part-time workers through ReStart,” said Trish. “We’ve always found the right fit for our open positions, whether they were at our halfway houses or shelters.” In fact, a third of Trish’s staff has come directly from ReStart. “I’m very happy to say that we’ve had a 100% success rate with them,” added Trish. “Why wouldn’t an employer go through them? ReStart not only finds you qualified candidates, but then assists you with training costs and even helps with clothing. I just think it’s a great organization and we will definitely continue to use its services.”