“ReStart was our client first,” said Thomas Chui, Owner of ClickHelp, a Kingston information technology startup that provides network management and software development services. “We provided them with some IT work, that’s how I heard about the services they provide.”

When it came time to grow the business, said Thomas, he went straight to ReStart. “We needed extra help, so I approached ReStart. I would advise them of our summer job opportunities and they would work with us in filling those positions.” ClickHelp has hired three summer students, all of whom were offered fulltime positions with the company after their contract.

Thomas says he’s very satisfied with his team and the tailored approach ReStart took. “I’ve attempted to work with other firms of similar ilk and they tend to tow a cookie cutter line with a formulaic approach. ReStart really understands that our benefits are unique and has created a plan that works for us.” “It’s a no loss opportunity working with ReStart. There are two immediate benefits: they screen applicants for you and provide you with access to funding help, which is very important for small businesses.”