Chris had recently completed a post-secondary diploma at St. Lawrence College in Business but had little prior work experience. Job searching was relatively new for Chris, so he decided to visit ReStart to see what help he could get.

“When I first came into ReStart, I had no idea what to expect, since it had been a new experience for me coming to an employment service organization. I was quickly introduced to an Employment Consultant who assured me I would achieve success through applying effort and persistence”.

In addition to providing encouragement, Chris was coached on job search techniques. “Perhaps the most value I derived from my appointments was when it came down to interview preparation. The Consultant made sure to walk me through the process by conducting mock interviews and explaining various situations that could occur during an interview.” 

Chris also appreciated the client-centered approach that ReStart promoted. “I did not feel pressured in any way to apply myself outside of my learning pace or comfort zone. Whenever a new idea or suggestion came up, the Consultant made sure to discuss it with me first in order to assess my thoughts and reactions, versus simply telling me that I had to do something one particular way.”

In the end, by working with ReStart, Chris was able to find a job in his field and was very satisfied with his employment counselling experience. “Customer service was definitely achieved with ReStart, and I would give both the organization a 5/5 rating for helping me succeed in landing the job I desired.”