BmDodo Strategic Design

BmDodo Strategic Design is an award winning, full service, strategic graphic design company. Like many businesses, their staffing depends on the amount of work they need to do for their clients.

“Taking on additional staff in the summer isn’t something we typically consider because things slow down a bit.” said Jen, Partner and Graphic Designer at BmDodo. However, by working with ReStart, they were able to look into the option of bringing someone on board in the summer. With financial assistance, they hired a college-level graphic design graduate at the start of the season. 

“The funding agreement that was established covered the training costs for the new employee. This gave us much more flexibility in terms of the approach we took to train the new staff member. We didn’t have to assign her with work that was deadline-driven right away, and there wasn’t as much pressure for her to immediately work at a quick pace.” Clearly, the work arrangement that was made possible through ReStart was very beneficial for both BmDodo and the new hire.

Jen also appreciated how ReStart effectively assessed her company’s needs and acted accordingly. “They were really good at problem-solving and figuring out which program would be best for our company. They told us about programs offered by the government that we didn’t even know existed. We didn’t know that financial assistance was available for summer staff, but ReStart proposed this as an option”. In the end, the new hire received excellent training over the course of the summer and turned out to be a very good fit for BmDodo.