Why You Should Never Use New Year's Resolutions

Making New Year's resolutions is something many people promise, but most fail to follow through on. You need an alternative so you can achieve your desires.

The cold month of January can often feel like it drags on. Many people spend too much in December and find themselves pinching every penny come the first of the year. It isn't like you have to go on the whole year like that, just long enough to get your feet back under you. You make a promise, not only to yourself, but vocally by way of new year's resolutions.

But is it worth it? Is jumping up on a soap box to declare you are going to accomplish something special this year worth it? Lose weight, meet someone new, get a new job, the list goes on. People promise themselves many things at the beginning of the year.

Instead however, try something novel. Don't think of creating a new year's resolution. Establish a regime of making yourself better. Focus on smaller goals; stop eating Smarties, go outside of your home, set up a resume.

When you think of the world through smaller steps then everything becomes easier. When it comes to our resolutions, they are often too lofty and reigning them in so you can deal with one small step at a time will last longer and take you further.