What’s your tech IQ?

We don’t have to live in the Matrix to appreciate the growth of technology, yet it's an issue many of us face.

What’s your tech IQ?


Have you ever felt like you’ve been given the choice of the red pill or the blue? We don’t have to live in the Matrix to appreciate the growth of technology, yet it's an issue many of us face. Much like discussing a movie that's 20 years old, the conversation about technology comes down to the differences between generations.

You will find many Baby Boomers can turn on a computer and use it for simple programs. Generation X is capable of learning to use any program on that computer. There are some that can even code those programs. Comparatively, Millenials and those in Generation Z can take apart that computer and rebuild it by breakfast, code new programs by lunch, and invent a new computer by dinner. Of course, there are exceptions to the rules. You may be one of the lucky few Baby Boomers who helped invent the technology around us, but for the most part, the generational divide is fairly straightforward.

Most of us aren’t considered nerds or geeks and as a consequence, haven’t been responsible for setting up the television for the family viewing experience. We live our lives able to use certain things, but the need for more never materialized. Why would it? We had kids who could do it for us.

Unfortunately, that understanding or lack thereof, of technology will affect our ability to find new employment. The process can often be complicated by the fact that the average career for older workers is significantly longer than those just entering the market. Our skills haven’t had to keep up with the Joneses.
6 reasons why we should keep up with technology.

1) Competitive advantage


Whether it’s for you active job or the next one, having an understanding of technology will help you keep ahead of the competition. It’s not only for what it means on your resume, but for what you can actively achieve. You don’t have to be the go-to gal for everyone in the office, but it helps to not have to ask everyone else how to change the printer paper or set up a new word document.


2) Time management


Understanding technology, whether it’s generic things like word processors or specific like machines to make your job easier, will allow you to finish your job faster. Being able to accomplish your work in a timely fashion will certainly endear you to any prospective hiring officer.


3) Profitability


Technology allows a company to expand their services. Being the person in possession of those skills gives you the opportunity to make that happen.


4) Stay organized


It isn’t just specific apps that allow us to stay organized. Living in a digital world, we don’t have to print everything off and have hard copies of everything in our work space. 


5) Tech will affect how we live our lives


Technology like smartphones and the Internet affects how we do everything. Being able to operate the machines we need changes how we make decisions, travel to work, and even how we entertain our friends and family. 


5) Tech isn’t good by its very nature


Technology is a double edged sword. It’s neither good nor evil by nature, but depends on what the users use it for. By actively participating in the use of technology, we become a participant in the evolutionary and ethical conversation. We can then train society to use technology for good reason.


6) The creators of tech don’t understand the users


You’ve often heard someone rail against the creators of some new gadget. “I wish the engineers knew how to use this thing in the real world.” It seems silly, but often technology isn’t built for end users. As such, being aware of the general advancement of technology, you can be prepared for when a machine doesn’t work as described when you’re forced to use it.


Review what you know


Just like we review our skills for our resumes, it’s a good idea to periodically review what we know about the technological world around us and shore up on skills we may be lacking. Employment services like ReStart are always available to help with this audit and then to help with the fundamentals of putting together your resume and cover letter. You may be surprised to find out how technology makes your life and your job search easier.

Remember, you don’t have to be speaking to Siri, Alexa, or Google to know that technology is advancing. Are you ready to keep up? Do you need help?