How To Resolve Any Conflict


We've all seen a conversation go south. It doesn't matter the reason. Sometimes it's easy to explain, at others, no one fully understands. As spectators, we're struck by the uncomfortable duality of wanting to leave, while simultaneously being frozen in awe over how destructive or ignorant each side of the argument becomes. Conflict

If you happen to be a part of that argument it can be very heated. It may even make you want to quit, throwing up your hands in frustration for the arrogance or selfishness displayed by the other party. But what if it's your fault?

By nature, we typically side with ourselves during a conflict, believing that we are the ones being wronged, but sometimes it isn't anyone's fault. Sometimes it's a misunderstanding that can quickly be blown out of proportion as our emotions and imaginations run wild.

In any argument, before you say something you shouldn't, ask yourself these questions.

Do you know how to recognize when you're on the wrong side of an argument?

Can you imagine yourself in the other person's shoes?

Can you retract everything that you have said during the conflict?

Stepping back from every argument before they start is the best way to ensuring a professional environment.