How To Effectively Ask For A Raise

Being prepared to ask for a raise when you feel you deserve it will be your first step towards success.

Want to earn more?

It could be time for a new job. It could also be time to ask for a raise.

Many small business owners don't have a structured system for pay advancement and it comes down to asking for it by an employee for anything to happen.

The problem however is two-fold. Employers don't want to part with their hard-earned income and more employees are not prepared to ask.

Here's the thing though. It's true that an employer doesn't want to spend more money. But if an employee gives them a reason to then the decision becomes easier.

So how do you stand up and ask for that raise? The boss can be intimidating.

1. Record your wins - Be prepared to show your wins when you present your boss with a request for more money.

2. Acknowledge  your shortfalls. - Anyone who pretends they're perfect and doesn't have faults is lying to themselves. If you inventory your shortfalls then you can work on them. When you present them to the boss, you can show your improvement, even if they don't have a structured employee review system.

3. Think bigger - Want more, earn more. Think outside your position so you can show how you plan to earn the boss more money. When they have more coming in, there is a bigger slice available for your raise.

Whether you are interviewing for a new job or reassessing an old one, you should be prepared to ask for more and show why you're worth it.